For some parents this is the most challenging time, their sweet, cooperative, chatty child turns into a grumpy, withdrawn, stressed stranger whose social arrangements change on a moments notice or no notice. As a parent you may feel that you have lost your influence and your way.

It is a time of intense growth both biological and emotional, our teenagers seem to be under more pressure at school than ever before, navigating the world of social media driven peer relationships, they may have a gloomy outlook about their future chances of owning a home, google mental health issues and wonder about gender identity. The ability to be able to listen to them, calm our own worries, encourage and allow them to make their own mistakes whilst stepping in when necessary can be a tricky balance.

Many parents find it helpful to come and talk through their personal challenges and find a way through together with their teen. Sometimes parents will come with their child and find the way together. And sometimes it is of benefit for the teenager to come for therapy themselves. I can help you decide what will work best in your particular circumstance.