I first discovered my interest in psychology and human nature whilst working as an Accident and Emergency Nurse. I appreciated the frank and intense relationships that were formed in moments of difficulty for many of the patients and their families. I also enjoyed getting to know the ‘regulars’, whether a homeless person, somebody with a mental illness or a chronic illness who attended the department regularly. Crisis, confusion, a need to be listened to and loneliness played a part in people attending A&E.

I left nursing to study firstly psychology and then psychotherapy and have been practicing as a psychotherapist for over a decade. I feel that I have found my place. I marvel at the ingenuity and complexity of both our mind and physical body. I remain fascinated by health and our ability to fulfil ourselves, continuing to study and learn whilst also teaching and presenting workshops. I work with people of all ages and have specialist knowledge of the time around conception to the age of three. It is now well accepted that your earliest experiences have a profound impact on your life.

My personal ongoing psychotherapy has transformed my life and that of my family, I now feel fulfilled and able and am extraordinarily grateful. It is a great joy to witness another person’s growth, watch them flourish and discover what fulfils them be they newborn, two or ninety two!